Market Research and Insights

Understanding market trends is important to knowing how, when and where different audiences will engage with your content.

Gain the advantage by working with Informed Strategies as we:

  • Create an environmental scan to assess risks and opportunities in the current market
  • Conduct feasibility studies to define market needs and assess demand
  • Perform competitive analyses to differentiate your services
  • Conduct surveys, interviews and focus groups to provide additional market intelligence
  • Develop personas and use cases to have a clearer picture of your users

The content cycle begins and ends with the users.

“Knowledge Unlatched couldn’t have gotten off the ground without the help of Informed Strategies. They were involved at every stage; at the conceptual and strategic levels, all the way through to the telephone marketing. We owe much of the success of our trail-blazing pilot to IS’s understanding of the market, well-structured pieces of research and friendly support at times when the task seemed daunting.”

Frances Pinter, Ambassador/Founder
Knowledge Unlatched