Lettie Conrad

Lettie Conrad

In her 15 years of publishing experience, Lettie has led user-centered web and mobile product development, delivering product design, research, and analysis that enables evidence-based digital product management. She is currently a publishing and product development consultant working with a portfolio of global clients to optimize content discoverability, information architecture, and usability.

Lettie serves as North American Editor for Learned Publishing and is a part-time information science doctoral student in a remote program at Queensland University of Technology via San Jose State’s iSchool. Read more about Lettie on LinkedIn, ORCID or Twitter.

raym crow

Raym Crow

Raym Crow is managing partner of Chain Bridge Group, an independent consultancy to scholarly and professional societies, university presses, academic libraries, philanthropic foundations, and other nonprofit publishers.

Crow has over 30 years’ experience in academic and scholarly publishing, specializing in strategic business planning and practical sustainability models for open access journals, monographs, digital humanities projects, and infrastructure services. Crow supports the development and ongoing operation of all types of nonprofit initiatives by making them mission relevant and financially self-sustaining. For over a decade, he has focused on collective models to support the provision of open access services. Since 2002, he has been Senior Consultant of the SPARC Consulting Group.

Crow has a BA from Whittier College and an MA and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

john bond

John Bond

John works with organizations on how content and education are created, produced, delivered, and made accessible and discoverable to stakeholders. He has a rich experience in scholarly publishing with journals, textbooks and monographs, and online learning.

John provides guidance for publishing leadership that helps inform decisions on product development and acquisitions, production and editorial services, marketing and sales, and rights and licensing. He has advised publishers and societies with challenges from strategic to tactical.

John heads up Riverwinds Consulting which connects with societies, publishers, and other content creators about challenges they face in creating and disseminating highly valued content. Prior to this, John held increasingly responsible positions at SLACK Incorporated, an international medical publisher, that included Senior Vice President and subsequently Chief Content Officer.

John has spoken at industry conferences and contributed to publications on a range of topics from alternative metrics to enterprise content management systems to avoiding common website mistakes. John has a B.S. in Library Science/Education from Kutzown University.

John is the host of the scholarly publishing video education channel, “Publishing Defined”. See www.YouTube.com/JohnBond/ for a complete list of videos dealing with issues in academic publishing.