raym crow

Raym Crow

Raym Crow is managing partner of Chain Bridge Group, an independent consultancy to scholarly and professional societies, university presses, academic libraries, philanthropic foundations, and other nonprofit publishers.

Crow has over 30 years’ experience in academic and scholarly publishing, specializing in strategic business planning and practical sustainability models for open access journals, monographs, digital humanities projects, and infrastructure services. Crow supports the development and ongoing operation of all types of nonprofit initiatives by making them mission relevant and financially self-sustaining. For over a decade, he has focused on collective models to support the provision of open access services. Since 2002, he has been Senior Consultant of the SPARC Consulting Group.

Crow has a BA from Whittier College and an MA and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Editorial Board Appointments: BioOne Board, SPARC Europe Board, Project Euclid Advisory Board, Purdue University Press Advisory Board